Internet Connection, Inc.’s reseller program allows any firm to offer premium branded web hosting services.

We provide an exceptional premium web hosting solution, so that our resellers can present themselves to their customers with complete confidence.

We will be invisible to your customers, but our staff will be available to answer all of your support questions directly. You’re free to charge your customers whatever setup and monthly serving fees you see fit. We will NEVER contact or attempt to solicit business from them.

Internet Connection, Inc.’s reseller program has been put together with many features and tools that will make your hosting service more marketable and easier to manage:

  • Exclusive Branding Rights
  • Server-level Email Control
  • Your Own DNS Servers
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • Reduced Pricing

With very little overhead and the experience of an industry leader behind you, a successful website hosting service is just a click away.

Please refer to the follow chart to view our discounts on reselling our products.

Service / Feature Regular Pricing 1-4 Accounts 5-9 Accounts 10-14 Accounts 15+ Accounts
Web & Email Hosting
Linux Hosting $19.95/mo. $17.95/mo. $15.95/mo. $12.95/mo. $8.95/mo.
Windows 2000 Advanced Server $19.95/mo. $17.95/mo. $15.95/mo. $12.95/mo. $8.95/mo.
Hybrid Hosting $29.95/mo. $26.95/mo. $24.95/mo. $22.95/mo.
Web Only Hosting
Linux Hosting $12.95/mo. $11.65/mo. $9.65/mo. $8.50/mo.
Windows 2000 Advanced Server $12.95/mo. $11.65/mo. $9.65/mo. $8.50/mo.
Email-only Hosting
Corporate Email Hosting $12.95/mo. $11.65/mo. $9.65/mo. $8.50/mo.
Enterprise Email Hosting Please call
DNS add-ons
Virtual DNS n / a - free –
Domain name alias $4.95/mo. $4.95/mo.
Name-based sub-domain name $9.95/mo. $5.00/mo.
Name-based additional domain name $9.95/mo. $5.00/mo.
Hosting add-ons
Disk Usage Above 5GB $2.00/gb/mo. $2.00/gb/mo.
MS SQL server $25.00 setup & $9.95/mo. no setup fee & $9.95/mo.
Monthly backup of MySQL/MS-SQL dbs $14.95/mo. $14.95/mo.
Cold Fusion $15.00 setup & $9.95/mo. $15.00 setup & $9.95/mo.
Windows Streaming Media $50.00 setup & $19.95/mo. $25.00 setup & $9.95/mo.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or if you would simply like to further inquire about our reseller services, please fill out the following form and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

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