Product Branding

Internet Connection, Inc.’s programmers have developed some of the finest products for use by our customers. As an IC reseller, you can offer these same products, branded with your logo, to your own customers:

Plesk, the web-based hosting account control panel, gives your customers complete control of their email configuration, simple installation of CGI scripts, and log file archiving and analysis.

We also provide a web-based email client that “plays well” with desktop-based programs like Microsoft Outlook Express. The same messages you view through webmail are available to your desktop email client. Webmail is extremely useful when you are on the road and need to access to your mail. In fact, many of our clients now use it as their primary email reader when they work under such conditions.

With webmail, users can:

  • Change their own email password
  • Edit and enable their own auto-responders
  • Schedule auto-responders for vacations
  • Set up their own email forwarding for their mailbox

You can gain a real marketing advantage in selling your design and hosting services by including these powerful tools in your service package.