Hosting FAQ

1. What type of server should I have my website hosted on?

This depends on how your site is built. If any of the following is true, you should host your site on a UNIX-based server.

  • My site utilizes CGI or Perl scripts(counters, guestbooks, forms-to-email etc.).
  • My site require username/password protected areas.
  • My site require an anonymous FTP area.
  • I require telnet access to my server.
  • I want to take advantage of the logging and script Installation features of my netConsole web-based control panel.

On the other hand if these statements are closer to the truth, a Windows based server will provide a better hosting solution for your site.

  • My site uses Microsoft® Access
  • My site uses Microsoft® SQL databases
  • My site uses Active Server Pages
  • My site uses Visual Basic Scripts
  • My site uses Cold Fusion
2. If I use Microsoft Expression® to format my HTML documents but host my site on a UNIX server will I be able to take advantage of the Expression® Web Publishing Wizard?


3. Do you offer Expression® support on your UNIX servers?

Yes. You can now easily use Expression on your Unix Hosting account through the netConsole.

4. Are there any other differences between hosting a site on a UNIX vs. a Window server?

Yes, there are a few. One of the most notable is the compatibility of our web-based control panel, netConsole. Our UNIX servers are compatible with every feature of the control panel:

  • Email Section – allows you to administer all your email accounts as well as auto-responders and list-servers.
  • Package Installer Section – eases the installation of CGI and Perl scripts(which do not run well on NT servers).
  • CGI Troubleshooter Section – is designed to detect, and in most instances, correct errors in a CGI script’s programming, installation, and configuration settings.
  • Usage Logs Section – allows you to view a graphical analysis of your sites monthly traffic as well as download compressed or uncompressed versions of your log file.

On the other hand our NT servers only allow access only to the
Email Section as NT does not handle CGI or Perl scripts well. The logging section
is also disabled because NT servers use a different method of logging a website’s