Our Clients

Feedback from our Clients

alltechenergy“My switch from our former website hosting company to Internet Connection, Inc. went very smoothly. I am impressed that you contacted me to follow up. It’s a lot more than I received at our other website hosting company.”

Linda Marcinkowski


mesorahdc“I am amazed at your support, at the patience your guys exhibited to help us get set up. To me, that’s a number one priority and your company is uniquely impressive. Thanks!”

Judy Komarow


ingomarfire“Thank you for your attention. This is why I appreciate your company’s service level, which i have found to be superior to most of the other hosts I have had dealings with. I hope to remain with internetconnection.net for a long time.” Thanks

Doug Hamilton


welchpoint“After almost 4 years, we still host almost all of our sites with you guys! We have found our customers are getting more sophisticated in their requirements and more demanding of their web sites. You’re always there to point us in the right direction and we really appreciate that. The package installers, email management and other features available through the netCONSOLE really save us time (money). Thanks for all the help and especially, your patience […]”

John Poole


musicgearreview“Thanks for being one excellent web host!”

Chris Bereznay