Internet Connection, Inc. is a Maryland based company specializing in first-class corporate website and email hosting solutions. Having started 20 yrs ago, we are actually one of the pioneers of the web and email hosting industry. In fact, Internet Connection worked on the development of the hosting technologies in use today.

Internet Connection, Inc. began in February of 1993 when the modern web was still in its infancy. Yahoo had just been started and Web Crawler and Lycos were the only search engines available. Both Web Crawler and Lycos were crude impressions of what we know today. In order to host a website, a web designer would need both a server and a high-speed connection to the Internet, each being very costly.

During this time period, excitement about web technologies soared. Leading designers, developers, programmers, and IT technicians collaborated their efforts and openly exchanged what they were learning and developing. It was at this time that the Internet was becoming a driving force in society at large.

Because of the high cost of owning a server and maintaining a high speed connection was prohibitive for the small business owner, we became heavily involved in the early research and development of what is now known as virtualization. This is what allows us to have a single server hold and host more multiple websites. With that, we are pioneers in developing technology that empowers the small business to use the Internet as an effective communications medium.

With this innovative approach to technology, our growth throughout the late 1990s has been an immense asset to us. The use of the Internet became increasingly ubiquitous and the surrounding momentum providing a great deal of synergy. This also allowed us to take an immense amount of pride in not only the products and services that we offer, but also the relationships built. To make sure that we could continue to offer the same level of high quality service that our client base had come to know, expect, and appreciate – we actually limited our growth.

Our business attitude has not changed since our conception in 1993. We love what we do and are continually perfecting our products. The huge growth of the Internet in the 90s enabled us to grow using our own money without the need for venture capital or investor funding. Today, we are still privately owned and operate using our own cash flow to finance our endeavors. This allows us to answer only to our clients.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Internet Connection, Inc. our objective is to provide our clients with more.

Our software is always current and security is a top priority. We use only the highest quality internet-optimized hardware from the world’s leading companies. Our network offers unparalleled speed and reliability.

At Internet connection you get experience, localized support, and thanks to our fiber connectivity: speed unmatched by our competitors.

“I promise that Internet Connection, Inc. will cut no corners when it comes to providing support, service, and going above and beyond customer expectation.” – Brent Stock, President and Owner

Internet Connection, Inc. – Empowering you every step of the way.